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Hey I've been thinking about buying a pair of weights to try stretching with and was wondering if it matters what size I should buy the jewelry at, I know it has to be smaller to fit but does it matter how small? I'm currently taping from 7/16".

Don’t stretch with weights.

Do you know where I can get a pair of plugs with like a spider or scorpion or anything in them? I see them on here all the time but never for sale.

I’m sorry i don’t!

Anyone know?

What does it mean to 'punch your ears'?

You get your fist and punch your ear as hard as you can and it is magically stretched! But all joking aside generally it means having a circular portion of your removed via biopsy punch, commonly known as a dermal punch, after that a taper is usually slid through the newly created fistula and jewelry is followed

if i dont have sea salt is it ok to use regular salt for the lobe soaks?


how big can i stretch my ears before it won't go back to a normal hole size? i wear an 8g right now. i hear a 0, what do you think?

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how much are the plugs at adrenaline on toronto?

That’d be a question for Adrenaline on Toronto.

IM IN DIRE NEED OF SOMEONE WHO CAN MAKE ME INDIVIDUAL EAR MITTENS. on the steretchier side that can hold 1" 1/2 - 2" lobes. to help face the harsh winters. can you help me out at all?

Anyone make ear mittens? 

my ears got swollen so bad. i used plastic plugs. they are so swollen that i cant put my steel plugs in. what should i do for the swelling ? :c

Downsize, do a sea salt soak, and take an ibuprofen.

hey, so my friend is starting to make plugs out of baked clay. would it be a bad material to make a plug out of? will it be bad for my ear if they used that kind of material?

Yes yes yes

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I taped up to 0g about 4 months ago, which is much more time than needed for it to heal. I wanna start taping up to 00g, but my lobes won't even take ONE layer of tape with lube! is there anything I can do to make them maybe more elasticy or is there something else I can do to get it to go in? :(

Give them a little play, lightly tug on them in the shower. Also holeybuttr helped loosen up my lobes.

i've noticed the skin around my "ear hole" if you will is very dry and flaky, it isn't painful but it doesn't look very nice, i was wondering if there's anything you can recommend to help it? PS. its only around the hole, the inside is fine.

An unscented mild chapstick is pretty effective or you could stick to oils like jojoba or vitamin e

I've seen a lot of plugs being made of polymer clay lately. Is polymer clay a safe material for ears?


can you suggest some safe sanitary ways to make homemade tunnels, im broke so i cant go buy them, i wear a 9/16, hope u can help! =]

Nope, there’s no such thing. Sorry :(